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Should United Have Done Something About This Violent T-Shirt?

A T-shirt worn by a United Airlines passenger on a recent flight was perceived as a threat by another, but the carrier has reportedly taken no action over the incident, which occurred on a Boston-bound flight from L.A. Despite the concern raised, United has not offered comment about the incident.

A t-shirt worn by one passenger on a recent United Airlines flight was perceived to be “threatening” by another traveler, but as Forbes reports, the airline took no action over the incident. The item of clothing was spotted on Boston-bound United Airlines Flight 824 from Los Angeles on October 11th, and according to the outlet, the text on the shirt read, “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required.”

The passenger who saw the item of clothing raised their concern to a member of crew, who then spoke to the flight’s captain. According to the outlet, the traveler who spoke out over the slogan on the t-shirt has asked that his name not be made public.

However, in a series of tweets, Jessica Sidman, food editor at Washingtonian Magazine, has said that it was her brother who made the complaint.

The perceived element of threat, she said, had made her brother speak out about his concern. He was then taken off of the plane and spoke to an operations supervisor with the airline.

Sidman explained that her brother was offered a seat on another flight, but the airline didn’t say anything to the guy with the shirt.”

It is reported that Sidman’s brother opted to take the flight.

United has not offered comment to the outlet about the incident.

[Featured Image: Twitter/jsidman]

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pilsn3r October 22, 2019

@cloudwalker_3 How did you treat Princess Diana? How are you treating Megan Markle? How did the UK code of ethics work for them? What repercussions have they been subject to after killing Diana? How about currently with how they are treaking Markle? None you say? Thought so. You can keep your Piers Morgan and "killer" tabloid journalism on your side of the pond, snowflake.

SJWarrior October 22, 2019

“Change one word from Journalist to President. Would he then be allowed on the flight?“ Unless it was directed at the last embarrassment we had for the previous 8 years.

DLFan2 October 19, 2019

I sincerely doubt that the complainer felt threatened. Rather he an opportunity to inconvenience someone he perceived to be a Trump supporter. He failed. And he also validated the sentiment expressed on the shirt.

stonhinged October 18, 2019

It's not a threat. It's a statement meant to convey dislike. Now, I don't know why this guy doesn't like journalists but his reasons are none of my business. It's one flight, not a long term relationship.

Gizzabreak October 17, 2019

There's a generally accepted axiom that if the firing pin is removed from a firearm it is no longer a lethal threat. A similar level of common sense in this case would be to ensure that no large trees had been brought on board. There, threat neutered (poor taste remains).