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A Joint Venture Between Delta And WestJet Means More Deals And Better Connections

Delta Air Lines and Canada’s WestJet are teaming up to offer more cross-border travel deals and better connections for customers. The two airlines recently signed an agreement that will create a joint venture arrangement. The arrangement will allow for a shared route network for passengers traveling between the United States and Canada. News of a definite agreement comes six months after the two airlines announced that a preliminary deal was in place to form a joint venture.

Coordinated flight schedules for new direct routes are soon to be arriving for passengers crossing the border between Canada and the United States. The first thing to know about the joint venture between Delta and WestJet is that it will give customers the ability to get to more destinations without stopping on the way. In addition, the two airlines will work together to offer superior airline products and benefits. Both airlines will also work to align their loyalty programs and make it easy for customers to access reciprocal benefits.

The new agreement will also deepen the codeshare partnership that already exists between Delta and WestJet. More than 30 cities covering close to 95 percent of the United States and Canada will be accessible to Delta and WestJet passengers under the agreement. That means that both Delta and WestJet will be able to compete strongly against other carriers that operate in North America. The joint venture between Delta and WestJet won’t be official until it receives regulatory approvals from the proper agencies in both Canada and the United States.

It’s obviously easy to see how an agreement between two of the biggest carriers in North America will benefit airline customers. How exactly does the new joint venture between Delta and WestJet serve to benefit the two airlines? WestJet is using the agreement as a step in its mission to transform into an even bigger presence on the global scene. Working with one of the top airlines in the United States strengthens WestJet’s global position.

The airline already works with 45 other airlines to provide access to 175 destinations in 20 countries. Delta is no stranger to using partnerships to achieve growth. The carrier has been partnering with global airlines like KLM for close to 25 years. Delta’s latest deal with WestJet will join the existing deals it has with some of the world’s leading carriers in spots like Asia, Latin America, Europe and Australia.


[Image Source: Wikimedia Commons]

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hammie August 3, 2018

My wife had a medical emergency in Calgary on our vacation, both Westjet and Delta bent over backwards to accommodate us for our return home. The kindness I was shown by customer service in booking then rebooking our flights brings a tear to my eye when I reflect upon that trip. It was an extremely stressful time made much easier by pr