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A British Airways A380 Crushes Châteauroux’ Airport Taxiway

Since the coronavirus grounded most of the world’s flights, stories of plane mishaps have been few and far between. But, as routines and airports change to compensate for cut routes and grounded planes, accidents are bound to happen. This week, British Airways seems to be having a particularly hard time.

What Happened

Yesterday, on April 15th, a British Airways A380 (an A380 G-XLED to be exact) had another mishap while on the runway when it damaged a taxiway in Châteauroux, France. The G-XLED left London Heathrow airport yesterday morning and landed in Châteauroux just a few hours later.
The landing went fine, but when the plane was being rolled into place, it rolled onto an area outside of the taxiway that was not strong enough to support the A380. Thankfully, the plane didn’t get stuck and was able to roll out of its hole. The damage will be repaired next week.
We’re unlikely to see an accident like this again. British Airways has now parked its entire fleet of A380s in storage at France’s Châteauroux Airport.

Whoops! Part one.

However, this isn’t British Airways’ first accident this week. On April 14th, British Airways made the news when one of their new Airbus A350s collided with an Emirates 777 while it was being pushed back in Dubai.
Behindthecurtain April 22, 2020

My quarantine weight is shrinking.... wife+portion control

SamirD April 19, 2020

'Quarantine weight'--I like that term. :)

amnicoll April 18, 2020

I do not understand why if all BAs A380s are parked at this airport why when they being rolled back in order to take off the same accident is so unlikely

cashmccall April 17, 2020

good thing i wasn't on plane.....my quarantine weight would have sank it