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A Boeing 737 Has Crashed in Iran Killing 180

A Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 with 180 on board has crashed in Iran. Iranian state TV has reported that everyone aboard the plane was killed. The citizenship of the passengers, according to telegram channels, was Iran (71), Canada (73), Germany (4), UK (3), Sweden (8), Afghanistan (6), Ukraine (2). There were 13 Ukranian crewmembers on board.

The incident happened shortly after the plane took off in Tehran. The flight was bound for Kiev. The Iranian press report from the ISNA reports that there were technical issues with the plane.

It is still not clear what happened to the plane however, this video purports to show the plane on fire before it crashed.

It took off from Tehran with callsign Alpha-Uniform-India-7-5-2 at 6:12 am local time, almost an hour after its scheduled departure at 5:15 am. The Flightradar24 playback of the transponder shows that the plane climbed to roughly 8,000 feet and then stopped transmitting altitude and speed data.

Usually, planes in crashes transmit altitude and speed data until impact. Either what happened to the plane happened quite quickly or the plane purposely stopped transmitting. While Iran’s airspace is still busy, China and Malaysia Airlines have said–separately from this incident and perhaps coincidentally–that they will suspend all flights over Iran and Iraq.

We will continually update this story as we have more information.
 UPDATE 1/8: Ukraine’s embassy in Iran initially issued a statement ruling out terrorism or a rocket attack as a cause of the crash. But the statement was later removed from the embassy’s website and replaced by one saying it was too early to draw any conclusions.
UPDATE 1/8: The FAA has banned all major airlines from flights around Iraq, Iran. You can join the FlyerTalk on this subject here.
CEB January 10, 2020

What do you expect KKUA? Nothing here is ever vetted or verified. Blogs are worthless as news sources even months later, they simply let you know that something happened with no depth whatsoever!

kkua January 9, 2020

So, were there 9 or 13 crew onboard? The numbers didn’t add up to the 167 headcount. Is there a conspiracy here? Rather incomplete story here.

SamirD January 9, 2020

Damn, this is starting to get like the Cuban Missile Crisis...

Morgacj2004 January 8, 2020

There were 71 Iranians on board so you would wonder who in Iran would want to target the plane unless they were trying to make it look like the US or one of its allies was responsible

strickerj January 8, 2020

Why on earth did the Twitter user Looper_i tag his post with #IranvsUSA and #IranAttacks when this appears to have nothing to do with terrorism or the U.S. sanctions?