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90210 Actress Blasts Southwest for Bullying Gay Couple

Former 90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord recently shamed Southwest Airlines for “bullying” a family of passengers. She alleges that when her fellow passengers Jake Lapp and Davod Lionel tried to board with their two daughters during Family Boarding, they were “told that they didn’t count as family” and not allowed to board the plane with other families.

#OPENLETTER to @southwestair Dear Southwest Airlines, Have you ever felt bullied? Have you ever been picked on? Have you ever been rejected? The one who got left out because for some reason to another person you didn't measure up; you did not belong? A couple of days ago, the young girls in this photo were made to feel just that by individuals who wear your logo and represent your company. It was their first flight ever and they were so excited to join their Daddies on a family trip. Only your employees made it clear that these beautiful little girls and their fathers were not in fact “family.” And when it came time for "Family Boarding" these little girls were shown what has caused the detriment in our world; hate. They were not allowed to board with the other families and had to watch as their fathers were told that they didn't count as family. Love is what these wonderful little girls have for their Dads. Love does not separate, it unites. So, I would just like to ask you 'why'? Why would your company representatives (the desk agents boarding the plane on behalf of your corporation) believe that it is okay to reject these little girls’ love for their fathers, making them feel that they are not good enough? That their family should be left out? Is that not a form of bullying? Is that not a form of hate? I certainly wouldn't call it love. I implore you, as a company that seeks to provide a happy experience for all of its customers, to hire individuals who despise hate, not love; who embrace difference, not look down on it. Please, don't allow your company to promote the hate that destroys the pure innocence of the love of a child. With an Absolutely Broken Heart, AnnaLynne McCord

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Southwest Airlines has yet to respond publicly to McCord, however a spokesperson for the airlines said they “don’t have any existing reports associated with the Customers’ travel experience”.


To read more on this story, go to Yahoo!7.

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tods27 September 5, 2017

Southwest's family boarding policy is children 6 and under. From the picture in twitter, the one girl does look young enough to qualify. I've never seen Southwest GAs question the relationship of people boarding with children, but that does seem that the GA did in this case. I've seen what looks like parents and grandparents all board with the children.

flyhi152 September 1, 2017

I totally agree with Southwest - a gay couple with children does not qualify as a Family.

chavala August 31, 2017

how are they exploiting the system? If they really did have children under 2, they should be allowed. But I agree th kids were probably too old and that has-been actress wanted to rant. Does anyone know th kids' age?

Disneymkvii August 31, 2017

How ridiculous. Two guys trying to exploit the system to board 8 spots earlier. They should be ashamed of their selves.

strickerj August 30, 2017

Good lord, that 2-page rant was cringeworthy... isn't it possible the kids were too old to qualify for family boarding, rather than the apparently default assumption of discrimination?