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8 Interesting McDonald’s Menu Items From Around the World

Image Source: McDonald's

Although fast-food restaurants have a reputation for being the same in every location, that doesn’t completely apply when it comes to regional or international variations. Check out some of the more interesting menu items you can find on McDonald’s menus around the world, pulled from the McDonald’s Menu Items from Around the World thread in the FlyerTalk Forum’s DiningBuzz section.


Image Source: McDonald’s

Singapore: The Nasi Lemak Burger

“McDonald’s in Singapore came up with a Nasi Lemak Burger, just for Singapore, to celebrat[e] Singapore’s upcoming National Day. Come 9th August, we would be celebrating 52 years of independence.

“For those of you who know Nasi Lemak, the whole concept of a Nasi Lemak burger is rather strange. But it worked. There were long queues for this burger and the overall feedback was good. I had it once, just to try.

“Nasi Lemak is a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. While it can be eaten throughout the day, it is most common for breakfast. Nasi in Malay means rice. Lemak in Malay means creamy, or rice.”

Check out this video review


Guangzhou Airport: No Big Mac or Fries

FlyerTalker iluvcruising2 may win for the most surprising McDonald’s find: one that doesn’t have Big Macs or fries. But they do have Sweet Taro Pie and Chicken Cutlets as a side (instead of fries).


Beijing: Spicy Chicken Cutlet With Rice

Member iluvcrusing2 says, ” Was in Beijing a couple of months ago and dropped into a McDs at a mall near my hotel for a snack. Turned out that they had these chicken cutlet with rice meals and the taste was good! Spicy though.”


Wikimedia Commons">

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Turkey: “Ayran” Drink

Member aysegul shares, “”Ayran” in McDonals in previous post because I think I am so accustomed to it that I never think that it is special for Turkey. “Ayran” is a kind of our national drink. It is made from salty yogurt only and many people prefer it for themselves and especially for their children instead of Coke/Sprite/Fanta.”



Image Source: CMK10

Stockholm: McBean & Co Burger

FlyerTalker CMK10 says that he didn’t actually stop by this McDonald’s in Stockholm, but “there were some fun looking options.” Has anyone tried the McBean & Co Burger?


Image Source: McDonalds

India: The Maharaja

Member carpenterz says, “In India, we have spicey variations of every item from McDonald’s. Two Indian Macs I have tried are Indian Maharaja and McSpicey. Well, it’s a one time eat. I prefer the original McChicken.”


Image Source: McDonald’s

South Korea: Shrimp Beef Burgers

gobluetwo has visited many McDonald’s in South Korea, especially in Insadong and Jejudo. His favorites? “Shrimp Beef Burger – Basically a shrimp patty burger, along with another beef patty. REALLY good and I would definitely eat this again. And “Churros – Koreans love churros. They’re everywhere, lol.”


UK: Red Leicester Cheese Bites

From kingstontoon “UK stores have Red Leicester cheesy bites at the moment – yum! Also, does anyone else absolutely love McD’s sour cream and chive dips that come in the 50g round containers?! I buy loads of them and use them at home for pizza dips!”


If you have another McDonald’s menu item to add, head to the forum thread to share!




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secondsoprano June 7, 2018

Why leave home if you're going to eat McDonald's?

4sallypat June 7, 2018

BCN McDonalds had this out of the world chicken sandwich that had a magical Romesco or something sauce that really kicked it up a notch. XMN McDonalds had the weirdest breakfast: 5 spice chicken patty w/ rice patties instead of sausage & hash browns.....