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8 Helpful Tools to Help You Travel Smarter


Sure you can simply throw everything in a bag and later deal with an item-meltdown at the airport or hotel, or you can try these nifty, smart packing tips that will make traveling more efficient.

1) Pack all your liquids in their tiny bags, into a larger Ziploc bag. That way, you can avoid goopy conditioner all over your nice dress shirts in case your bottles explode during the flight. Then you can quickly remove your small carry-on items from the larger bag.

2) Wrap your shoes in paper bags to prevent the dirt on the soles from rubbing off on the contents of your suitcase.

3) Try packing a 6 ft. extension cord, which will be quite useful especially if you’re headed on a flight to a cruise. Oftentimes, there’s only one outlet in your cabin and it’s not usually positioned in a handy spot. Or, it allows you to blow-dry outside of the bathroom while someone else needs to use the shower.

4) Get a TSA luggage lock in case TSA officials randomly pick your suitcase to search. That way, they won’t break your non-TSA lock because they can open it with a universal TSA key, and only you know the combination to the lock.

5) Use that souvenir bag for dirty laundry, wrap your present in clothing for extra cushion. During your trip, you can use it for dirty clothes and keep your clean clothes from your soiled ones, while keeping the floor less cluttered.

6) Pack a crushable duffle bag into the outer compartment of your largest suitcase. That way, if you check your bag and it happens to be over the weight limit, you can easily transfer some of your belongings into it to avoid penalty fees. You can also use it in case you do a little too much shopping abroad.

7) Use compressions sacks that shrivel your clothes into tiny vacuum-packed bundles that take up minimal suitcase space. This especially works well with jackets, when coming from locations that are too warm to wear the item inflight.

8) Keep the small boxes that jewelry comes in for a mini-jewelry box while traveling. Secure with a rubber bag, this allows you to keep your necklaces from getting into tangled messes while protecting the contents from getting bent or compressed.

At KLM Airlines, we have your back as a traveler. KLM offers a unique Lost & Found service at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. A dedicated team is now on a mission to return items, found by cabin crew on board or by KLM airport staff, to their legitimate owners – as soon as possible. Very often the Lost & Found team is able to surprise passengers by returning their personal belongings before they have even missed them. Despite the challenge of locating the owner, first results show that over 80% of the found items can now be reunited with their owners.

To show how far the Lost & Found team and their tail-wagging secret weapon go, check out this video below.