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$8.5 Million Lawsuit Over Marriott Marquis’ Design Flaws

A new lawsuit between an architect and a general contractor centers around a Marriot Marquis hotel in Colorado.

On Thursday, Hensel Phelps Construction Co. out of Greeley, Colo., filed a lawsuit against architect firm Cooper Carry, Inc., centering on design issues during construction of the town’s Marriot Marquis hotel.

The $8.5 million lawsuit says that Cooper Carry didn’t hold up its part of the construction deal, improperly coordinating and incompletely designing different details throughout the hotel, including ductwork, stairwells, windows, door hardware, and the gutter system.

According to the lawsuit, Cooper Carry did not “timely perform its obligations in a manner to support timely completion of construction,” nor did it “meet the standard of car [sic] of an architect as prescribed by the Design Contract,” the Washington Business Journal reported.

No details were given on whether the design flaws have been corrected or if either party received proper payment for their work. Hensel Phelps is suing for damages, court costs including attorney fees, additional overhead and markup for other expenses. According to the lawsuit, Cooper Carry is directly responsible for “liability, damages, costs and expenses” since December 2013, “as a consequence of Cooper Carry’s performance of its services.”

When the Business Journal tried to reach both parties for comment, Cooper Carry declined and Hensel Phelps’ attorney was unavailable. As of yet, no response to the lawsuit has been filed.

The hotel is fifteen stories with 1,175 rooms, the largest ballroom in the city, a business center, several restaurants, a fitness center, 83 meeting rooms, and marble floors in the lobby.

[Photo: Marriott]

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