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7 Injured in Turbulent American Airlines Flight

Three flight attendants and four passengers were transferred to the hospitals for injuries after an American Airlines flight from Miami to Milan made an emergency landing in Newfoundland due to extreme turbulence.

The plane was met on the tarmac by four ambulances and a fire truck, and the injured passengers were rushed via stretcher to the hospital. American Airlines spokesperson Ross Feinstein said that none of the injuries are life-threatening and that the airline is working on getting the rest of the uninjured passengers to their destination in Milan.

To read more about this story, go to Yahoo! Travel.

[Photo: Paul Daly/The Canadian Press via AP]

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Red259 January 27, 2016

I wonder if all the people injured did not have a seat belt on? My understanding is the seat belt sign was on, so this seems like a rather large number of people walking around the plane when they shouldn't be due to turbulence.

mbarreto January 26, 2016

Buckle up, buckaroos!!!