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6 Airports That Are Decking the Halls with Holiday Cheer

As individuals and families begin to make their ways to airports all over the world to visit friends and loved ones for the holidays, it won’t be uncommon to see some extra long lines and busy waiting areas. One way to combat this extra time spent at the airport is to check out the gorgeous holiday displays! This year, these airports have done some extra decorating to deck the halls with holiday cheer.


Orlando International Airport

Even though Orlando International Airport is located in the sunshine state, it’s one of the busiest airports during the Christmas season. This year, they hope to bring more cheer to travelers with their holiday entertainment and displays. Most of the entertainment takes place daily in the atrium area of the airport. Be sure to check out their massive Christmas tree, which is all lit up and decorated for the holiday—alongside some palm trees, of course!




Munich International Airport

If you’re traveling in or out of Germany this holiday, you’re going to love the holiday cheer all throughout the Munich Airport Center Forum. For the 19th year in a row, the whole space has been turned into a winter wonderland. Treat yourself to snacks and drinks as you shop for the perfect gifts at the winter market. Visitors can also rent out skates and use the ice rink. Live music and special kids programs can also be found here. Every day from 11am to 9pm this winter oasis can be enjoyed.This festive celebration will be held through December 30, 2017.




Salt Lake International Airport

Even in the desert, they’re celebrating all winter long. Salt Lake International Airport is decked out for the holidays. At this airport, you can find 1,500 poinsettias on display. The festive plants stay on display through the New Year. Did you know that they grow their own poinsettias in the nearby climate-controlled greenhouse? All year staff plants and cares for the plants. At the end of each holiday season, the poinsettias are used as compost and the process starts all over again. How cool is that?!




Hartsfield-Jacksonville International Airport

Things are getting festive in Atlanta, too! You’ll find lots of holiday decor here as well as a gorgeous Christmas tree, but you can also see carolers and other performers put on shows. The airport hopes to get everyone excited about the holiday with some special extras. Starting December 12, there will be gift-wrapping stations after security. If you plan to do some holiday shopping at the airport, this is a great added bonus.

Wikimedia Commons/qwesy qwesy">

Wikimedia Commons/qwesy qwesy


Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

If you’re passing through Dallas this season, you’re in luck! More Christmas cheer can be found here with decorative snowflake lights, a 37 foot lit up Christmas tree, and special events and performances. There will even be fun giveaways happening. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport will be celebrating this time of year with their extra-festive display in both December and January. It’s estimated that over 7 million travelers will make their way through this airport during the holiday months.

Wikimedia Commons/Senior Airman DeJon Williams">

Wikimedia Commons/Senior Airman DeJon Williams

San Francisco International Airport

At SFO, they’ve been adding extra holiday pizzaz for 10+ years. Each year, they light up the exterior of the airport to make it as festive as possible. If you plan to travel to or from San Francisco this holiday season, you will love their light up display leading up to and all around the exterior of the airport—there’s so many lit up trees!

The airport will also have special furry guests this year. The trained dogs (and even a pig!) will bring extra cheer this holiday season as they roam the airport halls to encourage Happy Howlidays for all. Keep an eye out for their festive attire and wagging tails.




Being at the airport during the busy holiday months doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take advantage of these extra holiday displays to get in the spirit and have more fun. What airports have you seen decking the halls with holiday cheer this year?


Author Bio: Natasha Gabrielle is a freelance writer, blogger, and traveler. She’s previously lived and worked in South Korea. Now she lives stateside—but continues to travel the world and document her adventures.

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