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5 Great Places to Score Discounted Gift Cards

Gift cards are always appreciated and are usually a safe bet when you need to pick up a gift for somebody, but what if you could buy gift cards for less than their full value? As it turns out, there are quite a few options available for customers wanting to do just that. Here are a few of my favorite ways to score discounted gift cards.

Sam’s Club

This deal is only available if you are a member of Sam’s Club, but big box department stores like Sam’s usually offer great discounts on gift cards. Typically, you can expect something on the order of saving $2 on a $10 gift card, equivalent to a 20% discount. In true Sam’s Club fashion, though, you’ll need to buy the gift cards in bulk. You can often find gift cards being sold in $50 value packs which contain either two $25 gift cards or five $10 gift cards. If you’re looking for more, though, you can easily find larger packages. Either way, expect a consistent 20% discount and at least two gift cards on your hands.


Raise is a great online repository of gift cards for sale, and there is not necessarily a volume requirement. Often, the stock comes from sellers who want to get rid of unwanted gift cards and are willing to sell them for less than what they are worth. Savings range from a fraction of a percent to 30%; it just depends on how much the sellers want to get rid of them. Browse by brand, price, and category to find the perfect gift card for you. You can even purchase electronic gift cards for online shopping, or wait for a physical gift card to arrive in the mail. Your gift cards are backed with a 1-year money back guarantee and you can even earn rewards for referring your friends, which can then be redeemed for even more gift cards.

Gift Card Granny

Much like Raise, Gift Card Granny is a collection of unwanted gift cards to be sold at a discounted price. However, Gift Card Granny also includes sellers on eBay, which allows consumers the possibility of scoring awesome deals. If a gift card is up for eBay auction, it could potentially be sold for 50% off or more! Stack your deals and save even more when you use a Gift Card Granny card in combination with promotions, sales, and Gift Card Granny rewards points.


Bitmo is an app-based interface that allows customers to send gifts to friends and exchange unwanted gift cards for other brands at no cost. Think Venmo, but with gift cards. To sign up, download the Bitmo app from Google Play or the App Store, add a payment method, and start sending! If you receive a gift that you don’t need, it’s easy to swap your gift for another one at a dollar-for-dollar exchange rate and no extra cost. Alternatively, you may regift the card to somebody else. Bitmo is perfect for easily sending special gifts for your friends, and getting a few in return!

PayPal Digital Gifts

Through PayPal Digital Gifts, you can send or buy gift cards for yourself or your friends directly through your PayPal account. This is a lot like Bitmo, but with PayPal the gift cards are not always offered at a discount. To find the ones that are on sale, check out the page for gift card deals and save up to 20% on your purchase. Additionally, you can often find some good deals with PayPal Digital Gifts through eBay. For example, they often run promotions that include bonus eBay gift cards when purchasing gift cards through PayPal Digital Gifts. Be on the lookout for those promotions to take advantage of them!

What are your favorite ways to score great deals on gift cards?

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alexmyboy October 10, 2018

left off Costco amazing

flyguy6 October 9, 2018

Also Costco.

swbrad October 9, 2018

BJ's also has some discounted gift cards

smc333 October 9, 2018

@WillCAD - Check the link in the article - it goes directly to Sam's with a ton of GC's for 80% off with free shipping.

WillCAD October 7, 2018

Maybe I'm looking at the wrong cards, but I've never seen gift cards in Sam's Club discounted more than 5%.