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4-Year-Old Has the Best Reaction to Passenger’s Bare Feet

An adorable 4-year-old took the direct approach and called out a passenger for placing her bare foot on the armrest of his seat.

Rodney Small and his dad were on a flight home to Houston. The dad was already filming at the sight of someone’s feet placed on Rodney’s armrest.

And we’re glad he was able to catch this hilarious moment!

At the sight of the bare feet, Rodney looks at the camera and says “There’s stinky feet behind me.”

He checks to see who the feet belong to and upon his discovery exclaims, “It’s a lady!”

He promptly asks her, “Why do you have your feet behind me?”

That’s one way to get a gross passenger from encroaching on your space.

[Featured Image: Screenshot]

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jib71 June 13, 2019

Out of the mouths of babes.

am1108 June 12, 2019

Congrats! I'm sure I would have been slapped in the face if I would have said something. LOL

apodo77 June 11, 2019

Awesome job young man.

1Aturnleft June 8, 2019

Say it how is Rodney! Lol


Children have no filters when it comes to stuff like this. I hope the stinky footed "lady" was mortified, though I doubt it.