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4 Swoon-Worthy Videos From 2014 That Reminded Us Why We Love Aviation


These four videos released in 2014 showed off the best in aircraft performance, from the nimble abilities of new planes to the extreme tolerance of refined aircraft.

For aviation enthusiasts, 2014 was a year filled with memorable highlights and exciting news to look forward to in the new year. From the development of new aircraft to the perfection of contemporary favorites, aviation fans and industry leaders around the world shared their enthusiasm through some of the most sensational videos produced this year.

Each of these videos allowed aviation enthusiasts to rekindle their love of flight while keeping both feet firmly on the ground, and with all the advances shown off by airlines and manufacturers in 2014, 2015 is looking bright.

1. EVA Air 777-300ER Aerial Filming

One instant classic released in 2014 was created not by a manufacturer, but an airline. Eva Air created a video showcasing their Boeing 777-300ER in flight over South Asia. Tracking the wide-body jet from takeoff to landing with multiple looks over a diverse set of topography, this video earned more than one hundred thumbs-up from aviation enthusiasts (and hopeful pilots) around the world.

2. Boeing Preps the 787-9 Dreamliner for Farnborough

EVA Air’s video wasn’t the first one that a Boeing jet played a starring role in. The 787-9 Dreamliner was one of the main attractions at the 2014 edition of the world famous Farnborough Air Show. But to put on the performance of a lifetime, master pilots had to train and perfect the routine from a test base. In a video produced by Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer captured the pilots’ show preparations as they worked all the capabilities of the Dreamliner — including from a high takeoff to a touch-and-go on the runway. This viral hit earned more than three million views and upwards of 10,000 thumbs-up since its July debut.

3. A350 XWB Water Ingestion Tests

Airbus also had a lot to brag about in 2014, and the European manufacturer wasn’t afraid to show off. Throughout the certification process, Airbus continually showed off the brand-new A350 XWB, taking flyers behind the scenes with a look at their testing procedures. In this video, viewers are shown how the A350 XWB was tested for water ingestion in the engines. Needless to say, the video made a splash in the aviation community.

4. “Family Flight” — Five A350 XWBs Together in Flight

Perhaps the most breathtaking video of them all was released at the end of the year, after Airbus received approval from both the FAA and the EASA. In this Airbus-produced video, all five prototype A350 XWB aircraft took to the skies to fly as a family, and together, they pulled off some pretty impressive maneuvers. From flying in a low pass, running a perfectly choreographed echelon turn, to splitting out of the arrow formation, Airbus proved that there is very little the A350 XWBs cannot do.


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