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Black Pilots Call for Investigation Into United Airlines Discrimination

Members of an organization called The United Coalition for Diversity believe that the hiring practices and wider culture at the carrier are inherently racist.

18 black pilots at United Airlines, members of a group called The United Coalition for Diversity, are calling for a federal investigation into what they believe is widespread racial discrimination at the carrier.

In addition to an “utter lack of diversity at the management level,” the group believes that United’s hiring and training practices as well as its wider company culture have has failed to integrate more diverse staff into its upper ranks.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Brian R. Mildenberg, the pilots’ attorney, said that, “It is time for all pilots to be provided with equal opportunities, regardless of the color of their skin.”

The coalition’s grievances date back to a case from 1976, when United entered into a consent decree with the Equal Opportunities Commission, a move that was intended to see more women and minorities move into high-ranking roles at the carrier.

However, members of the coalition maintain that white pilots reacted to the consent decree by forming, “a secret, racist organization called “The Vault,” with the express purpose to prevent African-American pilots from achieving professional advancement at United.”

From this time forward, the coalition says that, “White pilots have disparagingly referred to African-American pilots as ‘consent decree hires’ and ‘equal opportunity hires’.”

The statement goes on to explain that members of the coalition also received racist threats and photos. The body is seeking the aid of Congress and the U.S. Department of Justice in the “investigation of racism against black pilots and other persons of color at United Airlines.”

Responding to the claims, a spokeswoman for United told CBS News that, “We are very proud of our diversity record and programs – as an example five of our eight chief pilots at our hubs are people of color and women (including three African-Americans).”

[Photo: United Airlines]

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UFGator4life September 19, 2016

I guess I'll be taking my spending elsewhere, until this is all sorted out, if it's true!