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3 Countries Advise Travel Caution for Visitors to America Following Shootings and Unrest

Citizens of the Bahamas, the UAE and Bahrain have been urged to exercise caution when visiting the U.S. following weeks of unrest between police and protesters.

Nationals of a trio of countries have been advised by their embassies to exercise caution when visiting the United States. The Bahamas, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have all issued warnings on the back of the unrest caused by the recent shootings of black men by police in Minnesota and Louisiana. The advice also comes just days after the ambush of five officers by a sniper in Dallas.

All three countries have asked their citizens to exercise extreme care, especially in crowded areas and when interacting with local police.

In an official statement, the Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledged the events that had been unfolding across America and said, “We wish to advise all Bahamians traveling to the US but especially to the affected cities to exercise appropriate caution generally.”

The body also advised that, “young males are asked to exercise extreme caution in affected cities in their interactions with the police. Do not be confrontational and cooperate.”

The United Arab Emirates also issued its own warning via its embassy in Washington D.C., urging citizens within the country to, “stay away from any ongoing or planned demonstrations and protests in cities around the United States.”

“Please be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid crowded places when possible. Exercise particular caution during large festivals or events, be alert and stay safe,” it also advised.

Bahrain’s message to its citizens, issued last Saturday via its Twitter feed, was in the same vein.

The civil unrest in America has received global coverage and does seem to have impacted the tourist trade. Speaking to Fortune, Irish tourist Eleanor Fairbrother said, “I don’t like to be in crowded places anymore.”

[Photo: Elizabeth Shafiroff/Reuters]

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