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20 People Push Garuda Indonesia Plane Onto Runway After Wrong Turn

A Garuda Indonesia plane had to have a little help getting back on the runway at Tambolaka Airport in SJakarta. After the plane missed a turn after landing, around 20 technicians and airport employees had to run to its aid and push it backward by hand when no pushback tractor was available.

Onlookers initially thought that the plane was having mechanical problems. But once they maneuvered the plane — no easy feat, the Bombardier CRJ1000 jet has a maximum landing weight of 81,500 lbs — back into position, it continued on without further incident. 


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[Image: Twitter/@ngabdul]

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flyerCO February 17, 2018

Eng3 - very few planes are designed to do that. The DC9 was the last plane I flew that could do it.

jonsail February 13, 2018

Sounds like the wheel bearings were well lubricated and the tires well inflated.

Allan38103 February 12, 2018

Good thinking

eng3 February 12, 2018

Why couldnt the plane use the engine reverse. I've had planes "push back" from the gate this way before.

ioto1902 February 12, 2018

Where was Kevin Fast (the guy who pulled a C17) ?