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100,000 New Hotel Rooms to Open in 2016

New hotel rooms—more than 100,000—are opening in major cities across the country this year.

Travelers will never be without a room again, at least not with the current pace of hotel room growth. Looking forward throughout this year, 856 hotels with a total of 103,230 rooms are scheduled to open in major cities across the United States.

“Post-2009, lenders in the hotel space got very skittish,’’ Jan Freitag, the senior vice president of lodging insights at STR, a hotel research firm, told USA Today. “The industry [now] continues to break records on the demand side and on the revenue side. Developers are playing catch up, and we’re seeing a lot of attention on the U.S. lodging industry.’’

To that end, new properties are scheduled to open in Chicago, Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, and more. One surprising addition to the list? Detroit. The city is expected to open 954 rooms this year and 4,200 long-term.

“Developers are looking at Detroit and saying there might be an opportunity there with a very changed city,’’ Freitag told USA Today.

According to Hilton Worldwide, which plans to open 270 hotels this year across the country, most of the properties will be new construction rather than renovations of old hotels.

“Existing hotels have become expensive,’’ Bill Fortier, Hilton Worldwide’s senior vice president of development for the Americas told USA Today. “Money is going towards new development today and we’re going to see a record number of deals in 2016.’’

[Photo: Moxy New Orleans by Marriott, opening early 2016]

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sdsearch January 12, 2016

But is there any list beyond the top 10 cities? If it go STR's website, they link me back to the USA Today story! There's nothing on STR's website with more information than the "headlines" that the USA Today story had. For there to be a top 10, and a nationwide total, there had to be data for cities beyond the top 10. But where is it???