What Would You Do if You Found $7K at the Airport?


So this part-time worker, a mother at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport finds $7,000 cash in an envelope alongside the curb of the drop-off zone. She does the right thing. The owner of the money gets it back. End of story. Or not.

“I’m an honest citizen. I’m a tax payer and believe in doing the right thing,” Pamela North Holloway told WSB-TV in Atlanta.

Wow. I like to dream that I would do the same. Dreams count for a lot. But my dreams aren’t worth 70 crisp $100 bills in a road-splashed curb-side envelope. Punctuation is not my only weakness. I suspect I might keep the cash.

That realization doesn’t sit well so here’s what I’m doing. I’m sending her five bucks. Many of our role models in life are successful millionaires. But would they all have the jam to do what Pamela did? What would you teach your kids to do? Who would be the role model?

I’m suggesting you send her $5 too. I mean like a lot of us send her $5. Place it in your “reward goodness” folder. Add it to your karma account or whatever it is you believe. Consider her overall decency. Consider all the airport hassles you’ve been through. And consider this story, shot through with goodness.

“Hopefully if that ever happened to me, someone would turn my money back in too,” Pamela told WSB-TV.

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. The hardest part in all this was tracking her down. She’s a bit awe-shucks modest. Nonetheless, right now I’m putting $5 (maybe a check is best) in an envelope and sending it to:

Pamela North Holloway
P.O. Box 696
Red Oak, GA 30272

Thank you.


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  • leonidas at 6:21pm March 09, 2013

    Send $5 to Redcross too, while you are at it. While this may be a touching personal story, don’t forget the million of peoples living in abject poverty and hunger. For them, the biggest worry is the next meal, not if “I will miss my next flight”

  • leandrorar at 3:25am March 10, 2013

    Best to publish email address as nowadays paypal travels faster.

  • nkulshr at 1:56pm March 10, 2013

    My check is in the mail. Great story.

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