The Genius, the Model & the Suitcase of Cocaine


This is a story about three boobs – a young dark-eyed Czech bikini model and an old theoretical particle physicist. He carries a bag from La Paz to Buenos Aires that she left for him. The story ends sadly.

They connect online. He is 68, lonely, divorced and cleaving to a world of mathematical models. Coquettish Denise Milani, the bikini model, has a perfect figure. What could go wrong?

OK, she wasn’t there to meet him in La Paz. But she so obviously loved him. She wrote so many times. And when some guy handed Paul (who once calculated he had a 55 percent chance of getting the Nobel prize) a bag in a dark street to take to Denise in Buenos Aires, a bag that had “sentimental” value, well, what are the chances?

(Note: There really is a Czech bikini model. Someone online was impersonating her.)

It’s a sad zinger of a story with the beauty of a Greek tragedy.

In Buenos Aires, the professor, Paul Frampton, who holds the endowed chair at the University of North Carolina, is arrested for transporting two kilos of cocaine found in the bag.

Frampton is sent to an “old-style” jail. Housed for more than eight months while awaiting trial in a group pavilion with 80 men accused of drug dealing or smuggling. Inside, he’s living with the drug trade on the edge of possibility.

He finds joy on Sunday mornings listening to a classical music station. And he has his calculations.

Frampton’s ex-wife says the professor is a genius “with the emotional age of a 3-year-old.” Sanity is a narrow trench.

“That sentence, ‘Don’t take any luggage that doesn’t belong to you,’ he doesn’t even hear,” his wife told The New York Times. “He’s in another world, an alternate universe.”

He’s also a man of towering ego. He thought he and Denise were “a perfect couple.” She was in the “top 1 percentile of how women look.” He was in the “top 1 percentile for intelligence.” The food chain was working properly.

In the end, Frampton is found guilty and sentenced to four years and eight months for drug smuggling. Read the story. You decide his innocence.

The commercial – never carry anyone’s bag.

Photos: Denise Milani courtesy of gvgoebel / / CC BY-SA


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  • trajanc at 3:22am March 19, 2013

    If you read the full NYT article it’s pretty clear (he sent dozens of text messages talking in detail about the smuggling) that Frampton knew exactly what he was carrying, knew the potential money he could make by smuggling the drugs and was greedily looking forward to reaping those rewards. This is not just the story of an innocent duped by a con artist.

  • puddinhead at 3:11pm March 19, 2013

    Does this mean the Russian bride that emailed me isn’t coming after I’ve sent her $20,000?

  • laggers at 4:19pm March 19, 2013

    puddinhead, the 20grand went to the bank in Limmasol. Old story, if you think there is a remote likelyhood of getting screwed. You will.

  • laggers at 4:21pm March 19, 2013

    Stupid people bring about their own demise.

  • GRALISTAIR at 9:54pm March 19, 2013

    Yeah and if an absolutely drop dead gorgeous girl made a play for me – a 56 year old – balding at the back of my head, graying male, I would hope I would think with the brain in my head and not the brain in my pants. I would hope I would think “mmmm something not quite right here – setup”. I hope I would think that way.

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