Ryanair’s Big Idea: The Plane as Flying Billboard


In literary Dublin, home to Ryanair, they paint advertisements on city buses. So Michael O’Leary, head honcho of the cheapest of all cheap airlines, why has it taken you so long to figure out the potential ad revenue right under the nose of your 303 aircraft?

You’ve finally done it. What’s that? You tried it before with Jaguar and Guinness. But that was more than a decade ago. And only one ad per plane. You got to cram them on like your seating. Make it affordable.

Now it’s all there on your Website:  “Companies can have their brand featured on four different locations on the Ryanair aircraft, including on the inner and outer winglets, front fuselage and rear fuselage, for a 12-month period, for a fraction of the price of a newspaper advert.”

Maybe The Tarmac will buy a wingtip. A frenzy of primary colors exposed to the stars from here to ya-ya. For a slogan we’d use the best comment The Tarmac ever got: What are you, grade 3? Read The Tarmac.

We’ve emailed your sales office for a price but haven’t heard back. Let me tell you, we love the idea. At least let me cage a quote. You say it’s the “largest and cheapest” outdoor advertising in Europe. Show me the love.

So why not banner ads on the overhead bins like the interior of buses? Spirit Airlines does it. Why not ads on the wooden chocks under the wheels when parked at the gate? That’s a given for The Tarmac.

Or decals over the porthole windows?

You want a North American destination as much as you want “standing only” fares. So sell the cockpit to the Mexico Tourism Board. Every boarding passenger peers in there. Leave the cockpit door open during flight. Think about it. Dress the pilots up in sombreros. Give them margaritas. Surround them with mariachi music. Don’t forget the banner that reads: “Visit Mexico.”

The Tarmac’s View: There’s one untapped ad source left. Dress the cabin crew in those colorful advertising patches you see on European hockey players? Terabytes of jpegs over good legs. So much life over each body. It would be like touching an electric fence. You can’t tell me Hilton or some vineyard in Aignay-le-Duc wouldn’t buy into those uniforms. Dang. The Tarmac would love a piece of that action.


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  • BearX220 at 6:23pm July 20, 2013

    This is not a new idea at all. Don’t you remember Western Pacific, out of COS? The Simpsons plane, with Marge’s blue bouffant on the tail? Each aircraft’s skin was sold off to a single advertiser. It wasn’t sacrilege, it was interesting and good fun.

  • Wingtipflyer1 at 2:43pm July 22, 2013

    The crews will wear F1-type pit crew uniforms as well! Make sure every moment is ad-revenue based!

  • TerriSession at 12:09pm May 02, 2014

    Great idea. But this is quite huge right? All types of billboards supports advertising( http://wildonmedia.com/mediums/video-billboard-network ) . But I believe that that video billboards are more useful and eye -catchy than the plain normal billboards .

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