Pillow Fight with Delta, Anyone?

Delta Air Lines

Year-to-date, Delta Air Lines stock is up more than 54 percent. And it’s only June. This weekend, the carrier began to share the wealth with those who created it for them. You’re going to get a free pillow, blanket and “snack wraps” on some transcontinental U.S. flights. Imagine! Just like the old days.

Is Delta upsetting the whole Costco of ancillary fees?

No. These “upgrade amenities” only come if you’re in one of Delta’s Economy Comfort seats, a privilege you’ve paid $99 for and where you already get an extra shoe size for legroom and early boarding privileges. Oh, and as if Delta was drunk on kindness, you also get beer, wine and spirits for free.

That pillow and blanket is going to be right there on your Economy Comfort seat when you board. The athletic analogy might be a pair of borrowed but washed sweat socks. Does it get any better?

Calm down. They’re only throwing in a pillow on flights from JFK to LAX, SFO and SEA. Did I already mention Delta stock is up 54 percent this year?

The “snack wraps” include frozen yogurt bars (except on red-eye flights from the west coast) and a “full-size” bottle of water (hey, where I live water rights matter more than acres). If that doesn’t tempt you, imagine this – you also get eyeshades and earplugs. What could be cooler?

“Delta continues to invest in Economy Comfort with upgraded amenities for customers when they fly one of our transcontinental routes from New York to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle,” says Jeff Robertson in Delta’s press release. (He’s got a nine-word title: Vice President – Product Development, Sky Clubs and Marketing Communications. Whew!)

But that’s not all the news from Delta. By mid-June the carrier will operate three refurbished Boeing 757 aircraft with full flatbed seats in the BusinessElite cabin on all flights between JFK and LAX. (Now we’re talking.)

Engaging in what the Swiss call “tasty talking” (boasting about what’s not yet accomplished), Delta says that over the next year they’ll refurbish more 757s until all transcontinental flights between New York-JFK and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle feature full flat-bed seats in BusinessElite.

And by 2016 they’ll update all interiors with more baggage space and access to power on all of its present 225 domestic narrow-body aircraft.

The Tarmac’s View:  Psychologists say we’re prone to vengeance more than mercy. Let’s prove them wrong. I say thanks to Delta and suggest we reciprocate its generosity and send Delta CEO Richard Anderson complimentary pillows. This is the headline I’d love to read:  Delta in Pillow Fight with FlyerTalk – CEO receives thousands of complimentary pillows from largest online travel community.

For Delta, or anyone, the hardest thing is to go out and fight those who you know are in the right. Even if it is just a pillow fight.


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