Is it Me or are Bullies Just Mean People


[Editor’s Note: There is a reference below to moderation of comments in Sarah Steegar’s article. Unlike the forums, the columns and articles are not moderated by FlyerTalk’s team of moderators, but rather its editorial staff.]

Sarah Steegar,  flight attendant, erred in reading a 24-hour clock and became a ripe target for bullies. First came the lightening, then the thunder. After she reported her mistake to passengers they donned street names to disguise their identities and with chainsaw intensity hurled more than 50 insults at her with all the social graces of dedicated drinkers.

Management did nothing but lock themselves behind the cockpit door and peer through the peephole.

The worst of the worst, although they were all Ugly Americans in transit, hurled repeated insults in numerous posts with no business but bitterness and hatred. Like alarm clocks that won’t shut off. They ought to stew a little less and think a little kinder, otherwise their miserable life is their own reward. What you post is what you are. You bullies!

To those of us watching it unfold, it was a lesson in how a crowd can work themselves up into a frenzy of hate, a sea of electricity that grows to a disgusting display of raw and awful emotions. Firing on all cylinders. Blowing out the carbon.

You’d think she insulted everybody’s mother. For any budding psychologists out there, it is a raw study on the very nature of hate and stupidity, how it can grab a dingbat by the throat and choke all compassion, empathy and even common sense.

The Tarmac has searched the posts of the hater mongers and I’ll say this about them, at least they’re consistent.

I also contacted FT management, who refused to stop the insults and left the flight attendant hanging by her rope. They said they fully “stand by her.” (But not close enough to stop the comments.)

When a passenger named mountainpost tried to calm the crowd, a pipsqueak of a mind said Steegar was not being “attacked without reason.” Their comment implying that whenever someone makes a mistake we have a right to verbally stone her, like Neanderthals and schoolyard bullies. What illogicality. What mean-spirited people we can become.

The Tarmac’s View: From now on you can follow me on twitter @themountainpost. Now which of you bully cowards using a street name to disguise yourself is going to be the first to hurl insults at me? Go ahead. Knock yourself out. But be prepared, because in our family we stand up to bullies. I dare you!


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