Delta to Destroy Jet-Lag with Light Showers


Last month, at the 2013 TED conference, Delta Air Lines offered attendees a chance to wash away jet-lag in a photon light shower. The radiant blue halo is a high-tech gimmick shining light on the airline’s “Sleep Experience.”

Business travelers are big business. Corporate travel is expected to increase nearly 5% to $266.7 billion this year. But the reality is that a small percentage of high rollers generate a lot of the revenue.

At Delta, the top 5% of passengers account for 26% of revenue. American said the highest 20% of its customers generate 70% of the revenue.

In wooing these free-spending business elites, perks matter. Everybody is offering flatbeds and turndown service on transcontinental flights. You’d think all we want to do is sleep.

Delta is spending $2 billion to enhance services, including airport lounges, where they’d like to get the evening meal out of the way. Cabin time is bedtime.

They’re even partnering with Westin linens to provide turndown quality bedding in newly installed flatbed seats.

And don’t forget the white noise channel and mild-mannered cabin procedures so they don’t wake us with cabin lights and other disruptions. Imagine our dreams.

United and American airlines also offer turndown service.

Oh, the photon light shower. Here’s what you do. Input your travel data on a touch screen. You’re then talked through the flowing blue lightshow. “Raining light,” is what the inventors like to say.

The germ came from an Oxford neuroscience professor who showed that bathing in light alters natural circadian rhythms, helping people recover from jet lag.

Delta says the photon shower is a fun and creative way to show how serious they are about assisting passengers to arrive well rested at their destination.


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