China-Based Carriers Looking to Expand North American Reach


Like a lot of foreign carriers, but perhaps even more than most, China-based carriers want a deeper reach into North America. But it’s those posh Middle East carriers, with their Sultan’s Palace-like configurations and pretty-face harems that catch our eye.

China will win this one. Don’t take it from me. Put on your reading glasses, pop a few migraine-relief tablets and study this dizzying array of compound sentences and complex scrawls running across x-axes in a report from the Center for Aviation.

Or, cut me some slack and allow me to give you perhaps 80 percent of it with 20 percent of the effort.

For starters, last summer China Southern replaced its Boeing 777-200s with Airbus 380s. Air China upped its flights to Los Angeles and New York and rode into Houston for the first time. Hainan Airlines has its eyes on Chicago and Boston. China Eastern is doubling down with new 777-300ERs.

America the Beautiful is a long-haul market for China. There’s not much competition. The visa hurdles have been lowered. And maybe they’re curious to see how all that cheap crap made in Guangzhou-suburban sweatshops is used by the richest nation in the world.

Well, mama, you ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to Made in China flights hitting American tarmacs.

Way more than a million visas were issued to visiting Chinese last year. China accounted for 14 percent of non-immigrant visas in the U.S. and ranked seventh as a source of visitors.

China has eyes on Canada, too. China Eastern just increased Shanghai to Vancouver services to 14 weekly A330-200s. Air China upped the same route to 11 weekly flights. China Southern also comes into Vancouver from Guangzhou seven times weekly.

When it comes to Chinese visitors, Vancouver has seen “double-digit growth year after year.”

The Tarmac’s View: The Chinese are coming and the Center for Aviation needs a new director of communications.


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  • MKBshaw at 12:56am August 09, 2013

    Hmmmm… I wasn’t aware that CA flew PVG-YVR, I’m guessing you mean 11x PEK-YVR?

  • laggers at 2:07am August 09, 2013

    That’s fine as long as they aircraft don’t require caterpillar tracks to climb over seawalls or short landings, as they did with Asiana.

  • cjzhang2000 at 1:46pm August 09, 2013

    This is a good thing for us who like travel to Asia. But what about the US based carriers? I guess we need more US carriers to China also.

  • nickknock1 at 2:37pm August 09, 2013

    I am flying on Hainan from Boston to Beijing. I am so glad I am able to avoid an American owned Airline. I got a good price, and way better service.

  • 98103 at 4:23pm August 09, 2013

    🙂 wait until nicknock finds out that it’s a code share out of BOS.

  • minhaoxue at 2:54am August 10, 2013

    CZ started their A380 service into LAX because they were losing millions on flying them domestically within China. They still are not making any money into LAX. When they flew their 777s there, they only averaged a 70% LF.

  • duniawala at 7:10pm August 10, 2013

    @cjzhang2000. I don’t think the US carriers are going to increase their flights. The horrors of offering free baggage, free booze, better service are too much for them.

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