10 Rules of Airline Travel

It’s almost time for turkey, Christmas shopping and holiday travel. The good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve no turkey recipe for you, no gift, but I can pass along a few air travel rules that we all should know. Everything you’re about to read comes out of the DOT rulebook, even though it sounds…

Is it Me or are Bullies Just Mean People

Sarah Steegar, flight attendant, erred in reading a 24-hour clock and became a ripe target for bullies. First came the lightening, then the thunder. After she reported her mistake to passengers they donned street names to disguise their identities and with chainsaw intensity hurled more than 50 insults at her with all the social graces of dedicated drinkers.

Reviewing a Review of BA’s A318

It’s not that it just has 32 seats that morph into Hugh Hefner’s bedroom. Or that its luxurious club lounge opens onto the tarmac and passengers board in the time it takes a Rolex second-hand to come full circle. I think the amazing thing about British Airways modified Airbus A318 is that the flight originates at London City airport.

Want to See Art? Go to the Airport

Hours waiting at airports can be like a psychological Sing Sing in which you are the inmate. But at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) they’ve got art giving the place a deep sort of reverb. Past security checkpoints there are sculptures by Auguste Rodin in a petite gallery 16 miles from The Louvre.

Move Over Boeing, Animals are on the Tarmac

Here is a scene. Goats amid the smell of jet fuel while contrails streak above them. Goats at O’Hare International. Goats at San Francisco International. And not just goats at O’Hare, but a surreal menagerie of sheep, llamas and wild burros, too. Passengers peering down to fix the scene.

Friendly Reminder: Don’t Take Your Guns to the Airport

It’s the nation’s busiest airport. Not just the most flights, but the most gun-toting passengers, too. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International is a poster child on the subject of forgetfulness, stupidity or somewhere in between.

A Magical Heli-Hike into the Bugaboos

Flying comes in many guises. Today the tarmac is a helipad in British Columbia where nearby bear cubs swat at dandelions.

What’s Your Favorite Heathrow Restaurant?

Every year more than 250,000 pieces of sushi are served at London’s Heathrow airport (steak, 630,000). July and August expects to draw 13.8 million passengers to the UK’s hub airport where the most popular meal in dollars and yen and wan and euros is breakfast.

Grand Teton: If I Don’t Come Back, Try to Make a Living Off the Place

Two minutes after takeoff from Jackson Hole Airport and you’re still looking up at the Grand Teton, the national park’s signature peak that got its name from French fur traders who could only see a mademoiselle’s breast when looking at the 13,370-foot Matterhorn-like peak.

Sleep is the Number One In-Flight Priority

Delta Air Lines asked passengers what the most important part of the in-flight experience is. The answer: Sleep!

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