Boeing Builds Bigger Bins

Boeing bins

I ask you. What’s more important than overhead storage bins? All the available information, the numbers and research and chatter told Boeing to build a bigger mousetrap. Call them Space Bins. They’ve just been announced – bigger bins beating the system of checking bags.

Boeing says each new bin stows six bags placed on their sides, instead of the usual flat four standard-size carry-ons.

Space Bins are an optional feature on new Next-Generation 737s and 737 MAX airplanes. Imagine – big bins and the Boeing Sky Interior, to boot. What airline could resist? There’s got to be an app around here for Space Bins.

“We’re taking the Boeing Sky Interior, which is hugely popular with our airline customers and passengers, and building on that success by adding even more room for bags,” a Boeing manager said in a company press release.

It seems a stretch, but there it is.

The genius, Boeing believes, is the relative low height of Space Bins, allowing us to see way back to the corners of the bin. Imagine! We get all the visuals plus they say Space Bins close with a velvet touch.

And like Dreamliners and 777s, have their own launch customer. Alaska Airlines, Boeing’s hometown partner in Seattle, will be first to fly Space Bins, but not until late 2015.

“Alaska is committed to making flying a hassle-free and comfortable experience,” Mark Eliasen, Alaska Airlines treasurer and vice president of finance was quoted in the Boeing press release. “The additional storage space will allow our customers to keep their personal items with them in the cabin, which we think they will enjoy.”

By gosh! There’s a man working his way up the corporate ladder. I wonder which millennial in a garage in Seattle thought of building bigger overhead bins in the first place. Did an apple fall on his head while sitting in Seat 16C?

Boeing’s Space Bins are available for retrofit on in-service Next-Generation 737s. Doing the bin switch bumps carry-on capacity to 194 bags compared to only 132 bags in today’s bins.

But soft-sided luggage with external pockets can be jam-packed way beyond standard carry-on size. There is no hell like an overhead bin that won’t close. It’s not the defeat that’s crushing. It’s the hope.

The Tarmac’s View: Airlines, aren’t you forgetting something? What about ‘Economy Plus’ storage bins? Make those Space Bins another ancillary fee.


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  • Swissaire at 12:57am July 15, 2014

    ” 6 bags instead of 4. ” My, my.

    And what size are those bags ? IATA-sized, or lunch-bag sized ?

    Details and measurements please.

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