5 Reasons You Should Go to Montenegro

Since becoming an independent country in 2006, Montenegro has become a popular place for tourists largely due to its coast line on the Adriatic Sea. And the Aman Sveti Stefan, encompassing an isthmus-connected islet, and known for its diverse nightlife, beaches and striking architecture, has become one of the most trendy upscale resort communities in the country.

Although the Aman Sveti Stefan was once a fort during the 1400s, the community is much older than that. Approaching the Sveti Stefan, the buildings appear as if they are carved out of fine white sand. The white cottages are interspersed with olive and cedar trees and terracotta-tiled roofs, surrounded by a cobalt blue sea.

As if the beauty outside is not enough, one step in the bathroom and you won’t want to leave! Carrera marble, a curved ceiling made of stone and marble and stone furnishings are just so inviting you’ll want to sink into the soaking tub and drown in the architecture while enjoying a glass of wine. You might think that with all the stone and marble, the room would be cold, but strangely that isn’t the case. Intimate warmth exudes from the room and wraps you tight, holding you captive.

  • Address: Sveti Stefan 85315, Montenegro
  • Rooms: 50
  • On site: Restaurants: Beach Cafe (light fare), Enoteca (tapas), Oliver Tree (international), Queen’s Chair (pan-Adriatic), Taverna (international). Bars: Antipasti Bar. Fitness: Aman Spa, gym, swimming pool.
  • Reservations: 1-800-477-9180
  • Price: $$$$

While it would be easy to never leave the Aman Sveti Stefan, while in Montenegro you’re going to want to take a few days to visit five of the ancient destinations of this young country.

1. Kotor

The Venetian village of the Bay of Kotor is a Mediterranean town like no other. Built on a fjord, Kotor has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Originally settled by the Romans in 168 B.C., Kotor became a trade metropolis and fort. The town still maintains its ancient architecture including an 11th century church (St. Tryphon’s Cathedral) and the St. John’s Fort. The 1,350 steps to climb to the fort are not for the faint of heart, but worth it.

2. Njegusi

Njegusi is a small village above Kotor and below Lovcen, nestled in the Lovcen National Park. Njegusi is famous for its food, specifically the ham, due to the location of the town which makes it perfect for air-drying. It seems that every shop in the village sells ham—it’s like a local trademark. More notably, Njegusi is the birthplace of Peter Petrovic Njegos, the first in the line of the royal family who ruled Montenegro for over 200 years. The family burial is located in town.

3. Stari Bar

The scenic city of Stari Bar is a great photo op. Comfortably sitting at the base of the majestic Mt. Rumija, Stari Bar dates back to the 4th century which is evident in some of the architecture that still stands today. After centuries of occupation by many different cultures, the landscape is marked with evidence of Stari Bar’s multicultural heritage. From the Bar Aqueduct, to the Triconoch Church and Lady of Ratac monastery to modern day Topolica and King Nikola’s Palace, Stari Bar is a museum and a work-in-progress.

4. Perast

Perast is a quaint village just outside of Kotor. While there are no beaches, the water is excellent for swimming and there are areas where sunbathing is perfect. Also a must-see are the islands in the center of the bay, St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks. Our Lady of the Rocks is a man-made island, built over time. Materials for the church came from across the globe. Visitors can take a ferry boat to the islands and tour both monuments.

5. Tara Gorge

The Grand Canyon of Europe is the Tara Gorge. At over 4,265 feet deep and 50 miles long, Tara Gorge is the second largest canyon in the world. The Tara River runs throughout the canyon and is spotted with waterfalls. One picturesque monument is the Tara Bridge which stands over 500 feet above the rapids. There are several rafting companies on the Tara River that can take you on the journey of a lifetime: white water rafting in Montenegro, who knew?


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