Amiri: The Most Luxurious Airline You’ve Never Heard Of

My friend Adam was checking into a Mandarin Oriental hotel and an airline crew caught his eye. It was a large, commercial-sized crew, and he “couldn’t not notice them,” decked out as they were in Cartier watches and other eye-catching gear. As he reports it, the captain—standing beside him at the desk—presented a black AmEx…

Airplane seatbelt and non smoking sign

Is It Rude to Ignore the Safety Demo?

I really like this question, and I’ve been doubly inspired to address it this week. First I spied this Flyertalk discussion, started by AlwaysFly. He reported visiting client offices in the UK where he had to watch a safety video and answer questions about it before being permitted to enter. “Should this be done on aircraft?” he mused. That’s an interesting…

Airport security checkpoint

Do the Security Headlines Concern Flight Attendants?

It happens every so often, so we’re all familiar with the drill. New intelligence about possible terrorist plot developments against the airlines comes to light; airline and/or airport security policies are updated to (hopefully) confront the alleged terrorist plans. Some of us will be glad that security is “being tightened”; some of us moan about…

Flight attendant

Observations from a New Hire Flight Attendant

As I’ve mentioned several times before and – let’s be honest – certainly will again, after more than a decade of almost no hiring at the legacies, “new stews” are a big deal to us. Perhaps my favorite thing about them (besides possibly, finally pushing me off reserve after 16 years. THAT JUST HAPPENED! Champagne is in…

Flight attendant

The Lines of Crew Confidentiality

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new flight attendant tell-all book hitting the shelves, called Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant – True Tales and Gossip from the Galley. As both a flight attendant and one who writes about flight attending, this has brought a lot of questions my way about the content and the…

Airplane interior seats

A Flight Attendant’s Tips on When to Use the Call Button

This, my friends, is a really good question. First, for anyone that didn’t happen to read it, Brian Cohen wrote about this issue last week. In it, Brian asked me to add my crew perspective on the matter. This is a tricky one – not because I don’t have a opinion on the matter, but because…

Jetblue plane on the tarmac

The JetBlue Potty Incident: What Was the Flight Attendant Thinking?

Jet Blue had to make an apology this week after a furious mom made the news with an allegation that the flight attendants caused her three-year-old to wet the seat, then almost kicked her off the plane because of it.You can read the full story here but the key points are that the flight had been delayed…

Flight crew

Smuggling Crews in the News

It seems to occur like clockwork, stories of airline employees caught smuggling. Between that and people thinking we get through security and customs with no scrutiny, it’s no wonder there’s this myth that it would be super easy for us to smuggle, and that the practice must be rampant. True, if I listen for the…


A Response to the Telegraph’s Negative U.S. Airport Review

In case you missed it, the UK Telegraph published an opinion piece by Anthony Horowitz titled U.S. Airports: ‘menacing, cramped and devoid of humanity. You don’t have to read the whole thing to get his opinion. Ouch. You couldn’t really call this a rebuttal. Much of what he says about US airports rings true. But I only half agree. As…

Hotel bed

Crew Member Fear: The “Travel Bug”

NOTE: Thanks to those of you that sent in work selfies! It was a bit of fun, and I hope the two quick-send “winners” enjoy their little prize.   There are plenty of things that people might expect me to be worried about in my job: terrorism, mechanical malfunctions, medical emergencies, annoying celebrities (just kidding!)….