TSA: “Thousands Standing Around” or “The Shaving Alternative”

I would rather suffer through a Gossip Girl weekend marathon than check luggage at the airport. Since Delta parks at Sea-Tac’s South Satellite, that means when the gate agent opens the aircraft door, my checked bag is actually closer to Oregon than to the main terminal. I’ve often thought that passengers would be better off to report their bags lost and get free home delivery rather than wait around in Sea-Tac’s Soviet era baggage claim.

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Have Sausage, Will Travel.

There’s this awesome sausage joint in the Pico-Robertson area of LA called Jeff’s — and on my last trip out to the west coast, my son begged me to please bring some tasty treats home for him.

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Woman Allegedly Raped at Denver International Airport Concourse

A 22-year-old woman was allegedly raped by a 26-year-old man from Portland, Oregon in a deserted area of a concourse at Denver International Airport.

Pat-Down of a 6-Year-Old Girl at an Airport Security Checkpoint: Justified or Appalling?

Is the reaction of outrage pertaining to a 6 Year Old Girl Groped by New Orleans TSA justified, or are Transportation Security Administration officers properly doing their job?

All Photography is Prohibited On-Board the Aircraft

Picture this: what if you were threatened by a flight attendant to delete photographs you took of your feet on-board an aircraft?

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