Have Sausage, Will Travel.

There’s this awesome sausage joint in the Pico-Robertson area of LA called Jeff’s — and on my last trip out to the west coast, my son begged me to please bring some tasty treats home for him.

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Are You Hungry for Sodium Erythorbate?

If you enjoy eating bacon bits, you might be consuming sodium erythorbate whether you like it or not, as well as other ingredients that sound more like a diabolical chemistry experiment than a food ingredient.

Do You Despise Cilantro?

If you cannot stand cilantro, the ATTENTION: Cilantro Haters. A must-read thread is for you to read. Some FlyerTalk members love cilantro; some vehemently (or, should we say, vehemintly?) dislike cilantro. Surprisingly, there are a few FlyerTalk members who neither like nor dislike cilantro, although one FlyerTalk member oddly admits not minding the taste of…

Shell We Talk About How to Eat Shrimp?

There are plenty of people who enjoy a delicious shrimp dinner, but do you ever/often eat shrimp with the shells on? You may be surprised to find out that there are indeed many people who do eat shrimp without removing the shells, especially if the shrimp are fried to a crisp. There are also those…

No Nuts? Are They Nuts?!?

A Nut-free zone ordered on Air Canada has some FlyerTalk members griping, while others joke about the whole issue. However, for those people who suffer from allergies aggravated by nuts, this is a welcome initiative. Will other airlines follow suit? What about other products to which some people are allergic? Will they be isolated or…

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