New Company Representative Feature on FlyerTalk

Making it easy to recognize company representatives by having the FlyerTalk name of the representative in green as well as the title Company Representative is meant to enhance your FlyerTalk experience in case you need to contact an official company representative through FlyerTalk, or to ensure that promotions, information or news posted regarding that particular company are indeed official.

Jazz Was Not All That Jazz After All…

“Air Canada Express”: New Regional Brand will replace the current Jazz brand as part of an attempt to more clearly educate passengers on what to expect in terms of aircraft size and crew when flying on the different brands of Air Canada.

Spice Up Your Pasta Sauce

What are you sup-pasta do if you find yourself asking the question, “My pasta sauce is boring……any ideas?”

United and Continental are Now United on FlyerTalk

The Continental OnePass forum and the original United Mileage Plus forum are now sub-forums, or “child” forums, of the new consolidated United Mileage Plus forum on FlyerTalk, as a result of the eventual merger of the OnePass and Mileage Plus frequent flier loyalty programs.

Free 2,500 Hilton HHonors Points

The Hilton HHonors Internet web site is reportedly undergoing some renovations. In return for your patience, they are supposedly offering Free 2,500 Hilton HHonors points simply for a few seconds worth of your time…

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