You arrive late at night at your hotel. There is no front desk clerk to be found. Your family waits in the car. What do you do?

Do you wait patiently for someone to show up?… …or do you take matters into your own hands, as FlyerTalk member BJfly decided to do in this thread whose title, interestingly enough, is Did I do the right thing? What would you do?

Indisputable Proof that FlyerTalk Members are Spaced Out

The following threads are simply out of this world: Next Destination – Space ! How much progress do you see Space Tourism making in the next decade or two? Imagine Mars as a Destination in Your Favorite Frequent Flyer Program. Is Space Tourism Next? Next steps in space tourism taking shape Award trip to space…

A Thread for Road Warriors?

When one travels, inevitably sooner or later one has to drive or be driven to one’s destination, whether it is from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the client, or from the vacation spot to the restaurant.

Put Your Travel Plans on Ice!

No — I do not mean to infer that you should stop traveling. On the contrary…

Who Does Not Want Miles?

At first glance, the following statement sounds as though it is completely against the very nature of what FlyerTalk is all about:

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