Nitrates and Nitrites in Cured Meats: A Potentially Explosive Situation?

Pork hocks, also known as Haxen.

Typically, cured meats such as knockwurst, wieners, Weisswurst, liverwurst and bratwurst could trigger an explosive situation of the — er — gaseous kind which could determine just how noxious and “dangerous” the situation can be, depending on the circumstances.

However, FlyerTalk member EXLEFTSEAT recounts a recent encounter with the Transportation Security Administration that was less than pleasant — and that is an understatement. The nitrites in the Haxen he was transporting may have triggered a false explosives alert as he attempted to pass through the airport security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport, leading to the detention and allegedly intrusive groping of EXLEFTSEAT in a supposed broom closet for greater than an hour.

If for nothing else, the story imparted by EXLEFTSEAT is interesting, to say the least. What could he have done to avoid this situation from occurring in the future? Could it happen to you?

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