Could They Make Out What Was The Problem?

A Frontier Airlines flight was escorted by two F-16 fighter jets as a result of two people reportedly partaking in mutual passion in the lavatory on-board the aircraft.

Flight 623 from Denver was met by police at its destination in Detroit due to the two passengers spending “an extraordinarily long time” in a lavatory, which was reported as suspicious behavior — especially because the incident occurred when security was heightened on the tenth anniversary of the terror attacks on the United States on September 11.

Until authorities could make out that the suspicious behavior was reportedly nothing more than two people “making out,” no one could kiss off this incident as resolved.

In a completely separate incident on the same day involving three passengers repeatedly using the lavatory aboard the aircraft, two F-16 fighter jets escorted American Airlines flight 34 from Los Angeles to New York, which ultimately landed safely at its destination.

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