Assistance Requested by FlyerTalk Member “Wiped Out” by Hurricane Irene

To be clear, FlyerTalk member Ceiba is not requesting financial assistance or charity. Rather, she was Wiped out by Hurricane Irene. Can you help with routing?

Fortunately, her insurance company will pay for their round-trip flights between Santa Barbara, California and Albany, New York. However, she is searching for the quickest routing possible — and that is where you can help.

To paraphrase her story, the moving van she and her husband used to move from Boston to Santa Barbara was swept several miles away in a flash flood caused by heavy rains due to Hurricane Irene, overturning along the way, rupturing in several places and filling with water. Most of everything they owned was destroyed due to either water damage or having been crushed. Their possessions have been moved to a warehouse in Albany, where “they are just sitting there rotting away.” A few boxes may be dry and not crushed, but the loss was going to be “substantial.”

They have now been given permission to go to the warehouse and sift through what is there, sorting out the things they might want to salvage — which is not likely after all this time — from the things that are just plain unrecoverable, as well as to search for the things that have sentimental value.

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