Recruiting New FlyerTalk Members, One at a Time…

Today, someone wanted to set an appointment with me for a certain date, but I replied that I will be in Europe on that date…


…for two weeks…


…in Business Class…


…for US$180.00 round-trip…

“You gotta be kidding me!”

including all taxes and fees!

“No way!!! How in the world did you find out about that?”

By the expression on her face, one can almost see the question marks flying out of her head in all different colors and sizes and quickly piling up on the floor around her.

I then proceeded to explain to her about FlyerTalk, the Mileage Run forum and the specifics of obtaining a mistake fare.

I probably should have explained to her that I will not only be earning miles but will also re-qualify for Elite status once again for next year as a result, but she was already overwhelmed and excited about this…this “FlyerTalk” thing…

She was also informed of the main purpose of FlyerTalk: how to maximize earning and using miles and points from frequent traveler programs.

I even told her that there is a Budget Travel forum where she could save money on all different aspects of travel.

I wrote down everything she needed to know about FlyerTalk, as she is already a frequent traveler.

Needless to say, I predict that FlyerTalk will have yet another new member sometime in the near future…

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