SureJet Fiasco- The Parties Retreat

If you hadn’t heard; there was supposed to be a new “Super Regional” airline plying the US skies. SureJet, as this carrier was to be called; is the (ugly) step-child of the merger between Expressjet and Atlantic Southeast Airlines. The merged carrier is sure to be a behemoth; with a fleet of over 400 aircraft flying as Delta Connection and United Express. But; (ignoring the jokes and obvious Airplane references for a moment); this “sure” thing of a re-brand has turned into a bit of a nightmare. As part of their press release, ASA gave the following quote;

“So where did SureJet come from? Simply put, it came from our people; it’s a symbol of the assurance, reliability and trustworthiness that our 10,000 aviation professionals told us they stand for and that our airline is committed to. The new identity also combines elements from each airline’s existing brand, such as the red icon from the Atlantic Southeast brand and the forward moving text from the ExpressJet brand”
Surprise, surprise; but it seems as though the employees were not too pleased with the name. And just now the news came out that they’ve put the re-brand on hold as they further consult with the employees. To further confirm this; the promotional video and accompanying blog post on ASA’s site have been momentarily taken down.
So how will this all affect the company- especially if they’re forced to re-brand once more. The financial costs are quite minute; the re-brand was done entirely in house- and it sure didn’t take a genius to come up with the name or logo (the same one used by Atlantic Southeast Airlines with Sure Jet instead; see below). And while the publicity costs are undoubtedly high within the airline industry; brand isn’t that important for the regional carriers. Delta and United aren’t going to suddenly stop their capacity purchase agreements with ASA and XJ, just because they may have undergone a dull re-brand.

Either way; if the airline continues with the SureJet name; I’m sure that the jokes might have been too much to bear. As it is; in the one day of existence it’s had has given us the following gem.
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