Searching for “Just Right”

I’ve always envied Baby Bear in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Everything Baby Bear had was “just right” while Papa and Mama Bear’s stuff was always too big or too small. And if you travel, you also find yourself in that world that Papa or Mama Bear would probably fit right into. If only everything could always be just right.

At home, my wife stocks the house with products she buys at Costco — huge containers of shampoo or soap. At the hotel, I fumble with the miniature shampoo bottles and cute little soaps. I guess the little shampoos were cute at some point. Heck I have a cabinet at home filled with gazillions of them in all shapes and sizes, colors, and scents. But I can’t bring them home for the kids anymore because the TSA won’t let me. On a trip last year to Sweden, the hotel had one of those soap dispensers mounted on the wall of the shower. That was awesome. It was just right.

At home, I have a pillow or two. At the hotel, the bed is often stacked with enough pillows to fuel the pillow fight of the century. Some pillows just have the hotel’s logo on them. Others come in weird shapes and sizes. Sometimes I have to dig a while until I actually find the bed. Then again, when you get that perfect pillow, you know that your sleep is going to be just right.

At home, I drive a small car. At the car rental counter, they always upgrade me to full size or larger cars. I try explaining it’s just me and I don’t need the huge gas guzzling cars, but they seem to think that important customers want bigger cars. To me, an upgrade isn’t a bigger car. An upgrade is a better car. One that is just right.

At home, I drink a cup of coffee. On the road, I’m bombarded with Grandes and Ventis and the like. I guess if you’re forking over 4 bucks for a cup of coffee, you want your money’s worth, but seriously, paying that kind of money for coffee just isn’t right.

So the next time you see a guy sleeping in the airport somewhere, don’t wake him up — it’s just an every day Goldilocks who finally found a place to nap that was “just right.”

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