Pat-Down of an 8-Month-Old Boy at an Airport Security Checkpoint: Justified or Appalling?

Christopher Elliott interviews traveler who took the “poop bomb” photo, and evokes a response similar to the Pat-Down of a 6-Year-Old Girl at an Airport Security Checkpoint: Justified or Appalling?

Is the reaction justified, or are Transportation Security Administration agents properly doing their job?

The photograph of the eight-month-old boy who received a pat-down examination at the airport security checkpoint shows two smiling Transportation Security Administration agents who appear to be patting down the baby boy in search of substances or materials not allowed past the security checkpoint while allowing his mother to hold the baby in her arms. The photograph appears to be innocent enough, but is this an infringement upon the privacy of the child?

As with the six-year-old girl, some FlyerTalk members are seething and appalled, as they fume that this type of screening and treatment should not even be allowed or happening in the United States of America, especially as there are supposed to be special procedures for screening children. Others argue that no one group can be excluded from pat-downs, as this could give potential terrorists an opportunity to exploit those who are classified as part of the exclusive group.

The debate of rights and privacy versus safety and security continues, with no agreed-upon answer, conclusion or resolution in sight…

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