How to Kill a Restaurant

There are restaurants and other eating establishments which eventually die due to one of the following reasons, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Change of ownership
  • Those who serve do not speak the native language of the country in which the restaurant is located
  • Tinker with a beloved recipe

It can especially be heartbreaking to clientele which has patronized a dining establishment for years, only to see it change to the point where patronizing it is sadly no longer an option, let alone worth going out of one’s way.

Here are more details on how to kill a restaurant — or, more accurately, how restaurants kill themselves…

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  • Rob Pereyda at 7:21am December 28, 2010

    Have to replace “language” with “communication.” There are plenty of ethnic restaurants with limited language abilities that have spectacular lunch buffets or easy to understand menus/ordering where they do just fine. If anything, I’d rather have a “native” (insert country name) person in charge than Joe Average.

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