Passenger of “Sighs” Seated Next to Passenger of Size

There is an Overweight passenger bleeding into your seat – what to do?

One FlyerTalk member recounts the story of a friend who was a passenger seated in a window seat while an allegedly very large passenger was seated in the aisle seat. Although thirsty, she reportedly did not drink anything for fear of causing potential problems should she need to use the aircraft lavatory.

Links to other FlyerTalk threads on this topic are listed in the FlyerTalk thread linked above, which include stories of armrests not able to come down, passengers who supposedly have had their personal space invaded upon, and other similar stories. Do overweight passengers have rights as well? Could the impacted passengers request compensation for their ordeals? How can similar situations be avoided?

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  • Rob Pereyda at 4:29am November 15, 2010

    Others might disagree with me, but in regards to the actions of other passengers, except those which are both of egregious extremity and extreme preventability, airlines ought not to issue any kind of material compensation for passenger discomfort at the expense of another passenger. The key, of course, is whether or not the airline could have done something to prevent some form of discomfort outside the norm from happening. If, say, an FA decided to ignore some distressing situation with an easy solution involving a person of size and the encroachment of personal space, then perhaps something is in order.
    It is a touchy subject, though, as to what this growing segment of passengers deserves in terms of rights. At no point should they disrespected or made fun of, but they should have to follow the rules as well. So that means that if you are in economy and a person of size is next to you, blocking the aisle, they need to get up when you need to go to the bathroom.
    The current standards in place usually are either “get an extra seat,” (airline imposed) or “deal with it” (money saving passenger imposed), but neither is a real solution to this system.
    What would br nice to see is allocating a row, say for to six seats, depending on size (more than fair), and make this only for larger passengers (people abusing it can get their ticket voided at the airport). Would need some kind of subsidy, perhaps, but might help a difficult situation.

  • Grizz at 6:17am November 15, 2010

    I am fat and don’t believe that fat people should not make any inconvenience for others. When I fly I get “A” seats on planes like the ERJ-145s that have a individual seat. So far it hasn’t cost me any more than a mainline flight. It is way more comfortable for me and doesn’t bother anyone else. Do this, take the train, drive, teleconference, or suck it up and pay for two seats.

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