Traveling Light? Here Are Some Packing Tips

In what could be one of the most underrated threads on FlyerTalk is advice on how to pack light for a trip, even if away for a long period of time or packing formal clothing, the Packing tips – Masterthread: Includes how to pack a suit!

Forget paying those checked baggage fees, carrying more than one item and possibly even needing a garment bag after reading the tips and techniques explained on how to properly and successfully pack light.

By the way, there is advice for both women and men, as well as useful links on which to click for additional details and information.

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  • location costa brava at 11:55pm October 31, 2010

    I love traveling but one thing i don’t like is packing a luggage .The post provide good knowledge about the packing.I implement and travel light during next travel.Thanks for post.

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