Wait Your Turn. The Dog is Using the Lavatory…

Passengers on a recent flight had to wait while there was a Dog using the lav, which has led to a rough discussion about what a dog should be fed before embarking on a flight — or whether or not there should even be a clause about pets being allowed in the passenger cabin at all instead of being caged in the cargo hold.

Was this tale due to a lapse of judgment on the part of the dog owner, who probably should pause before bringing the possibly incontinent pet on a future flight?

Let’s just hope the dog did not mistake the blue stuff in the bowl for water…

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  • JR at 7:33am October 02, 2010

    Can you predict with absolute certainty whether or not you will have to go to the bathroom during a particular period? I thought not. So how can a dog-owner? I would rather confine children to the hold of the plane, than dogs who almost never disturb a flight.

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