El Al Airline Safety Video: A “Pathetic Copy” of the Virgin America Safety Video?

Accusations by FlyerTalk members have been posted that the safety video released by El Al Israel Airlines Limited is actually a “bad and pathetic copy” of the safety video released by Virgin America, Incorporated last year — but you be the judge by watching the two safety videos below and see for yourself:

El Al safety video 2014:

Virgin America safety video 2013:

If for some reason the safety videos do not appear, the links to the safety videos have been provided.

Truth be told — I do not like either safety video.

What are your thoughts?

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  • PainCorp at 6:52pm April 06, 2014

    I want it over and done with. VX just stretches theirs out, keeping me from enjoying whatever I want to be watching.

  • FTcadence at 11:43am April 13, 2014

    Here’s the english version of UP’s video:


    H/T FlyerTalk member ‘gordo6’

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