Earn Up to 3,500 Miles With ShareBuilder For as Little as One Cent

If you open a new account with ShareBuilder and invest in a minimum of one share of stock for as little as one cent after you sell your stock, you can earn bonus frequent flier loyalty program miles as follows:

  • 3,500 SkyMiles after the first trade if you are a Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Medallion elite frequent flier loyalty program member; or 2,000 SkyMiles after the first trade if you do not have Medallion elite status
  • 2,500 Dividend Miles after the first trade if you are a US Airways Dividend Miles frequent flier loyalty program member
  • 2,000 MileagePlus miles after the first trade if you are a United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program member


Photograph ©istockphoto.com by Ash Waechter.

Additionally, you may earn 500 frequent flier loyalty program miles for each quarter if you subscribe to the Advantage Program, except for United Airlines, where you will only earn 175 MileagePlus miles for each quarter if you subscribe to the Advantage Program — that is, if you decide to keep your account with ShareBuilder.

It may also be possible to take advantage of “double-dipping” on one of several bonus offers from which you can potentially earn up to $200.00 cash back with either a minimum deposit or transfer of funds.

Many FlyerTalk members who are taking advantage of this promotion are purchasing penny stocks, hoping they can profit a little from their investments. Here are some strategies imparted by FlyerTalk members:

“You will need to make a trade. The cheapest way that I found was through Automatic Investing for $4. Select the ‘one time’ option and buy a cheap stock. I always bought $1 worth of Sirius satellite radio. For Automatic Investing you must select a Tuesday to initiate the trade. If you open an account today, select second Tuesday of the month. You can fund the trade from your bank account (saves the step of transferring to your holding account). You can sell your $1 stock if you like after the miles post but you will only get 1 cent back after the transaction cost (For example, if you have $1.00 worth of stock, they deduct $0.99 for the transaction cost and leave you with $0.01).”

— FlyerTalk member samdori

“Signed up and bought a pile of a penny stock (5,000 shares of IMDS). I signed up with the $50 promo so I just paid the $6.95 for the single trade rather than signing up for the automatic trading. I figure I’ll hold on to the account (and my penny stock) until the $50 posts. If I’m lucky that stock will shoot up to $10 (from its current .0002) and I’ll make more than 2,000 miles worth. Either way, worth it for the miles – and if the $50 posts I can’t lose.”

— FlyerTalk member CFFrost

“Perhaps the most high yield combo is to sign up for the miles with a new account, then transfer $500 from another account using TRADEUP100, which will net you a $100 bonus. $100 and 2k miles for parking 500 bucks in the account isnt too shabby.”

— FlyerTalk member exmike

“My $4.00 (one time) auto trade went through yesterday (Tuesday). I already opened a SH investment account (and got a $100 bonus) autumn 2012. Opening a second acct was made through the OP link. I’m now another proud owner of $1 of that Sirius stock!”

— FlyerTalk member Tailgater

As this seems to be an ongoing promotion valid until further notice, it may be possible to close an account once you are finished and take advantage of this offer again in the future.

The bonus Delta Air Lines SkyMiles reportedly post within three days or so on a Friday; while the US Airways Dividend Miles supposedly take a few days longer to post. I have seen no word on how long it takes for United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program miles to post.

The bottom line is that if you have been thinking about investing in shares of stock — even if the stock is cheap — you may want to take advantage of this offer. Just be careful on which company you choose from which to purchase shares of stock if your investment is significant enough, as returns are not guaranteed on your investment.

What would be your strategy in taking advantage of this promotion?

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