Suites Aboard Singapore Airlines Now Available for Saver Award Redemption — But…

The full bed in suites class on Singapore Airlines. Photograph courtesy of FlyerTalk member blr1222.

Award redemption bookings for Saver Award seats in the suites cabin aboard Singapore Airlines flights has recently become available for PPS Club members and KrisFlyer frequent flier loyalty program members — a welcome addition to the current options, but for fewer KrisFlyer frequent flier loyalty program miles.

If you have never flown as a passenger aboard the Airbus A380 aircraft in the suites cabin, it is an experience where you have your own private space finished in leather and wood with sliding doors and window blinds. You can have a meeting with a business colleague comfortably, or you can sleep in a full flat bed with fine linens, plush pillows and turn-down service. Attentive service, fine dining, upscale amenities, use of a stylish lavatory — although not equipped with a shower, as Emirates has in its similar suites class cabin — and choices of entertainment with a 23-inch liquid crystal diode display round out the luxurious experience…

…and here are some trip reports by FlyerTalk members on their first-hand experiences as passengers in the suites cabin on Singapore Airlines:

Your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer account will be lighter by as few 215,000 frequent flier loyalty program miles using the Saver Awards — a bargain compared to the cost of a round-trip itinerary in the suites cabin on Singapore Airlines between Singapore and Heathrow Airport in London, which is $13,004.40 in Singapore dollars, or approximately $11,000.00 in United States dollars.

It could be worse — you could redeem as many as 1,894,000 KrisFlyer frequent flier loyalty program miles for a round-trip itinerary as a passenger in the suites or first class cabins between Sydney and São Paulo using the Full Awards chart. However, I digress.

While some FlyerTalk members have posted reports on redeeming KrisFlyer frequent flier loyalty program miles for Saver award tickets in the suites cabin on Singapore Airlines aircraft, availability appears to be elusive for others — all depending on the route and flight time and day chosen.

Additionally, there appears to be only one suite cabin seat available for Saver award redemption per flight — a second suite cabin seat reportedly requires using the Standard award redemption for those who are traveling with a companion. Despite this limitation, you still can save a significant amount with the redemption of KrisFlyer frequent flier loyalty program miles for both a Saver award seat and a Standard award seat than you did if you redeemed them for the old First award seat in the suites cabin.

FlyerTalk member DUflyer reported waiting for a Saver award suite class seat — despite greater than half of the seats still being available and the flight being within 24 hours — and yet had no way to be updated on their status. DUflyer ultimately was not cleared in time for the flight, but — to add insult to injury, so to speak — received the confirmation 60 hours after the flight.

Also, only KrisFlyer frequent flier loyalty program members can take advantage of Saver awards for seats in the suites cabin on Singapore Airlines flights; whereas members of partner frequent flier loyalty programs cannot do so currently.

However, FlyerTalk member 380Flyer brings up a point to consider: does the fact that Singapore Airlines now offer suite cabin seats at Saver awards for KrisFlyer frequent flier loyalty program members indicate that the “product is a failure”?

What do you think? Do you agree?

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  • SuperKirby at 11:13pm July 13, 2013

    On a business standpoint, yes a failure. Failure is such a harsh word though. Of course I can say ‘not succeeding’ but it will mean the same thing. Think about it, if you owned an airplane, and 100% of the seats were sold out, everyday booked on schedule, would you leave out just one seat for award availability? I think not… You would lose out $10,000 per flight. So yes, they must have a few more then available each flight in order to do this.

    -business man

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