The 17 Best American Airport Restaurants

Bife de chorizo. Krokettan. Sainte-Jacque scallops. Cherry gazpacho. Pan-seared sablefish. Hot dogs. A Wikifoodia of fine eats. They’re all there in a recent listing of the 31 best airport restaurants around the world.

It’s not uncommon for FT members to get together over food. This Cuban dinner in Chicago must have been great. Sadly we couldn’t all be there. And if you’re not scheduled to fly JAL over the holidays you’ll miss out on the inflight KFC. But fear not.

The food and drink aficionados at The Daily Meal have posted their 31 best airport restaurants around the world. From Dutch Kitchen Bar & Cocktails at Schiphol to Anthony’s Fish Bar at Sea-Tac to One Flew South at Hartsfield-Jackson, this is a list that will have you believe there’s more to a mileage run than airport cocktails and peanuts. At these 31 fine eateries you’ll find everything from ethnic cooking to fusion cooking, from Cat Cora’s Kitchen (SFO) to Pink’s Hot Dogs (LAX).

Maybe the surge in great eateries at airports is the upside of downsizing meals on flights.

Here’s a list of the top American airport eateries (17 made the list of 31 – 3 at LaGuardia), according to The Daily Meal:

1. Salt Lick BBQ (AUS)

2. Tortas Frontera (ORD)

3. Obrycki’s (BWI)

4. Crust (LGA)

5. Five Guys (IAD)

6. Custom Burgers by Pat LaFrieda (LGA)

7. Encounter (LAX)

8. Legal Seafoods (BOS)

9. Pink’s Hot Dogs (LAX)

10. Tagliave (LGA)

11. Versailles Restaurant (MIA)

12. Piquillo (JFK)

13. Icebox Café (MIA)

14. Cat Cora’s Kitchen (SFO)

15. Columbia Restaurant Café (TPA)

16. One Flew South (ATL)

17. Anthony’s Fish Bar (SEA)

FT members? Any suggestions?

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  • DLinYUL at 10:57am December 07, 2012

    La Vie @ JFK T5

  • pejorative at 1:09pm December 07, 2012

    Lemonade @ LAX T5

  • EmptyKim at 2:13pm December 07, 2012

    Yup, Lemonade @LAX T5 is definitely worthy of the list.

  • falizzadro at 1:17pm December 08, 2012

    That Salt Lick has terrible service and reheated bbq. Skip it.

  • Radiant Flyer at 7:28pm December 08, 2012

    Tortas Frontera (ORD) is disgusting, its just bread and tasteless meat, over salted chip… and 5 guys??? Who made this list some used vacuum cleaner salesman from Detroit?

  • MichaelKade at 12:53pm December 09, 2012

    Agree that this list is way off base…

  • BOB W at 1:15pm December 09, 2012

    Humpy’s Great Alaska Alehouse at ANC has great seafood, a crab sandwich that is awesome and a great lineup of local craft brews. I would Choose it over Salt Lick any day.

    Salt Lick at the airport isn’t even a good shadow of the original place. shows what is available at their downtown location.

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