Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Women-Only

Q. What am I?

Clue. I have a curling iron, a copy of O, the Oprah magazine, beauty amenities galore and female-only security.

Answer. Women-only floors at a growing list of hotels.

Yep. The Georgian Court in Vancouver. Hotel Bella Sky Comwell in Copenhagen. The Portal Hotel in Brisbane, Australia. The list is really seemingly endless. And women pay a premium to stay on most of the double-X-chromosome floors. One of the selling points is enhanced protection offered by female-only security. (Who knew?)

At Riu Hotels & Resorts in Berlin, Guadalajara and Panama City, women-only floors, called “Double U” floors, get all those extras plus a complimentary minibar. (OMG. There goes the neighborhood.) You’d think they’d call the women-only floors “Double X” floors. (Biochemistry is the college weed-out class everywhere.)

There was a time when a girl could slum it at the Crowne Plaza in Milwaukee, Wis. Their female-friendly floors also permitted men who like “fashion magazines, ice cream and fresh flowers,” according Forbes back in 2009. But now that Crowne Plaza is down to a few women-only rooms. (Apparently they don’t suffer pretenders in Wisconsin.)

What about men-only floors? How about bare bulbs, a carnival of greasy meat, T-shirts and tequila? If the Sofitel New York Hotel had housed Dominique-Strauss Kahn with “men only” back in May 2011, and not let him near that 32-year-old maid, DSK would probably be the president of France today. (The cream always rises and separates.)

We’ve seen women-only rail cars offer security and comfort in Japan, India and elsewhere, which gives gender profiling in travel a deep sort of reverb, why not hotel rooms? (So much for the traveler’s security adage “take the cab driver who is least interested in you.”)

Come on FT members. We’ve already admitted to being hoarders of amenities. Let’s hear it for women-only hotel rooms. (Think of the amenities.)

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  • missydarlin at 12:25pm December 07, 2012

    I like the idea of the female friendly room, but a womens only floor just screams HEY I’M TRAVELING ALONE. Might as well just tape a target to our backs.

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