Catch Rick and I on The Today Show on NBC Tomorrow Morning, November 30

Rick Ingersoll — also known as the Frugal Travel Guy — and I were interviewed by a reporter from The Today Show in Chicago last month.

I received word not too long ago that our segment will be broadcast on NBC tomorrow morning sometime at approximately 7:45 in the morning Eastern Standard Time, Friday, November 30, 2012 — assuming that there is no breaking news to interrupt or preempt it.

The segment should include other FlyerTalk members as well — and you may know some of them.

I intend to post a link to the interview once it is posted on the Internet.

Please tune in tomorrow morning. Thank you!

Edited to add on November 30, 2012 the actual video segment from The TODAY Show, courtesy of NBC News:

FlyerTalk members had a chance to view this video — some of whom were on their way to embarking on their own mileage runs.

Here is an interesting fact: the flight which the producer and I flew as passengers from Atlanta was operated by Delta Air Lines while the flight which the reporter flew as a passenger was operated by United Airlines — and yet, for some reason, we met in the terminal where flights for American Airlines are located…

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