Receive 250 Miles Simply by Joining e-Rewards and Taking a Survey

Join as a member of e-Rewards and you will receive 250 frequent flier loyalty program miles in your choice of one of several different frequent flier loyalty programs — such as the American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program, for example — if you complete a survey within three months of becoming a member.

This promotion appears to be ongoing; nevertheless, it could end at any time, so I would advise to take advantage of it as soon as possible.

E-Rewards is a marketing research program which sends to you surveys via e-mail messages based on the demographics you have entered in your profile. Every time you complete a survey, you receive e-Rewards currency, which can be converted to airline frequent flier loyalty program miles, hotel frequent guest loyalty program points, car rental frequent rental loyalty program points, and discounts off of merchandise at select retail partners. If you attempt to complete a survey but are unable to do so — such as when you are not the desired demographic — you can still receive partial credit. Sometimes the partial credit is as few as ten cents in e-Rewards currency.

Be aware that if you join the e-Rewards program with a particular airline, you cannot redeem your e-Rewards currency for miles from a frequent flier loyalty program of another airline. The same is true for hotels: if you join the e-Rewards program with a particular hotel company, you cannot redeem your e-Rewards currency for points from a frequent guest loyalty program of another hotel company. Aside from these exceptions, you can redeem your e-Rewards currency for any other available partner option — but do choose your airline or hotel partner carefully.

Here is a list of airlines from which to choose to join the e-Rewards program and receive your free frequent flier loyalty program miles after completing your first survey:

In many cases, the redemption of $25.00 in e-Rewards currency will earn you 500 airline frequent flier loyalty program miles, so do not expect to reach a reward level anytime soon. Additionally, e-Rewards currency earned during a year of membership supposedly must be redeemed within thirty days following the end of the membership year, or the e-Rewards currency is subject to expiration. However, I have received a notice each year for the past several years that my e-Rewards currency will not expire for another year, so I have been able to build my e-Rewards currency balance.

I have been a member of e-Rewards for years — primarily to use e-Rewards currency towards a frequent travel loyalty program in order to prevent my miles or points from expiring. However — because of the different ways in which the expiration of miles and points can be extended free of charge — I save my e-Rewards currency for when I really need it…unless I do not receive that notice again from e-Rewards letting me know that my e-Rewards currency will avoid expiration for another year.

I regularly receive surveys — but I do not always qualify to complete the entire survey. I usually attempt to fill out all of the surveys sent to me, but I refuse to complete surveys which ask me personal questions and do not offer me an option where I prefer not to answer.

While some of the surveys can take as much as 45 minutes to complete, many do not require that much time or effort — especially if you are willing but unable to complete the survey in its entirety.

Occasionally, e-Rewards will have promotions worthy of participation, such as free offers targeted to select members.

If you do not mind spending a few minutes of your time completing surveys, I recommend becoming a member of the e-Rewards program. You have nothing to lose other than a few minutes of your time. Membership is free of charge and — in this case — you get free airline frequent flier loyalty program miles.

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